The Family of Alice Martin: 
Where Did The Martins Live?

Two years before his marriage Edmund Martin began purchasing tracts of land in northern Tobin Township of Perry County.  On 5 April 1855 he purchased 72 acres in Section 1, T6, R2, lying east of Poison Creek.  [Site #1 on map]  On 6 January 1856 he purchased an adjoining 80-acre tract in Section 6, T6, R1.  On 22 April 1857 Edmund Martin (b. 1822) married Alice Ann Trainor (b. 1831).

Their first-born child, William F., was born in April 1858.  Daughter Margaret A. was born in January 1860.  Edmund and Alice Martin may have been deceased by 1870.  In that year 12-year-old William was working as a farm laborer for Daniel Harding.  In 1880 he was a school teacher boarding with a family of widow Frances (Mrs. Daniel B.) Bryant.  Margaret A. Martin was not located in the 1870 and 1880 census reports for Tobin Township.

Edmund and Alice Martin were deceased by 1879.   Their estate was divided on 4 December 1879.  Margaret had married William L. Carr (b. 1855/6) on 28 August 1879.  On 24 November 1879 William F. Martin purchased for $500.00 from his new brother-in-law, William L. and Margaret Carr, a 40-acre tract in SW/SW Sec 7, T6, R1 [Site 1A].  On 4 December 1879 William purchased Margaret's 1/2 interest in the 152-acre farm and immediately sold the entire tract to William and Margaret Carr for $800.00.  The Carrs sold it for $1500.00 to John W. Davis on 15 February 1892.

William F. Martin on 25 April 1881 married Florence Cummings (b. 31 July 1861), d/0 Isaiah and Nancy Butler Cummings.  Since Site #1A is the only land owned by Wm. Martin at this time, this must have been the location of the Martin home when Nancy Alice was born in November 1881.  A sister to Alice was born and died on 20 April 1883.  Mother Florence Cummings Martin died just nine days later.  Both are buried in Lower Cummings Cemetery 1-1/2 miles to the northeast (both William and Alice would be buried here in 1929 and 1934).

William F. Martin sold Site #1A on 27 November 1885 to Malinda (Mrs. Isaac) Harding for $750.00.  There was a 6-month lapse of time until Martin purchased 97.5 acres a mile south of Site #1A from Hiram G. and Clara Carr for $1,000.00 (Site #2).  During the 6-month interim the Martin Family could have lived in any or all of the Sites #1-1A-2.

On 14 September 1891 William Martin married Jacy Savannah Cummings Hargis (b. May 1869), younger sister of Alice Martin's mother.  She was the widow of Samuel A. Hargis (b. 1862) whom she had married on 4 May 1885.  He died unexpectedly on 30 August 1885.  Their son, Samuel, was born before the end of 1885; he died in 1892.

Jacy S. Hargis had inherited, with six other heirs, a 52-acre tract on the Ohio in Section 9, T6, R1.  He 1/7 share amounted to 7 3/7 acres.  Martin purchased it from her on 5 April 1890 for $300.00; this was more than a year before they married.  In May 1893 William and Jacy Martin sold it for $450.00.

Shortly before their marriage Jacy S. Hargis purchased a 40-acre tract from John Knobeloch for $90.00 [Site #4].

Alice Martin left home around 1898 and enrolled at Normal and Business College at Marion, Indiana.

According to the 1900 census William Martin, divorced, was living alone at or near Site #2.  Jacy S. Martin, divorced, was living at Site #4 with Hilda Aletha Martin, their only surviving child of the four born to them.   Perry County Court Records present a different time-table regarding the divorce.   Jacy Martin's suit for divorce did not reach court records until 5 February 1901.   On 5 May 1901 this suit was venued to Warrick County where the divorce was granted before November 1901.  On 15 May 1901 William purchased Site #4 from Jacy Martin for $100.00.  William sued in Perry County for custody of Hilda Aletha; this was granted on 2 November 1901.  Further information on Jacy and Hilda Martin has not been learned here.

Possibly William Martin moved into Site #4 before he sold the 97.5-acre Site #2 to Adam Welsh for 1300.00 on 23 September 1903.  It was to be three more years, on 3 September 1906, before Martin purchased 91 acres on the Ohio, 3 1/2 miles north of Rome -- Section 21, T6, R1 -- for $3560.05.

Finally, on 20 September 1926, Martin purchased for $1500.00 the 120-acre Site #6 in Section 17, T6, R1, from Lee L. and Lola Jean Feltner, where he and Alice were to die.  Site #s 4, 5 & 6 were in their possession when they died.  On 22 February 1938 Site #4 was sold to Noah Trainor.   Sites #5 & 6 were transferred to Margaret Martin Carr on 23 April 1940.