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Perry County Circuit Court Records

Docket #274 - May term 1887

On 11 April 1887 Andrew Enlow carried a concealed weapon, viz. a pistol.  Witness, Francis M. Enlow

#275, the same on 13 April 1887.  Francis M. Enlow.

Docket #278 - On 10 Sept 1886, David U. Kellems assaulted Charles J. Enlow.  Witness:  Francis M. Enlow, Mrs. Francis M. Enlow

Docket #285 - On 1 June 1886, William Underhill damaged two rifles, property of Samel Enlow, in the sum of $10.00, by breaking the cock hammer stock and cock of said rifles.  Witness:  Samuel Enlow, Jane Enlow and two daughters.

Docket #284 - on 14 September 1886 Henry Enlow carried a concealed pistol.  Witness:  Lewis Enlow, Hiram Foster.

Docket #289 - on 10 September 1886 Samuel C. Davidson carried a pistol.  Witness:  Mr. & Mrs. Francis M. Enlow.

#289 State vs. Clay Davidson:  Supoena on 30 August 1887 for Mr. 7 Mrs. Francis M. Enlow to appear in Nov. term 1887.

Docket #291 - Jane Enlow testifies that on 8 April 1887 Samuel C. Davidson forcibly robbed her of 265.00, the property of Samuel Enlow, Sr.  Witnesses:  jane Enlow, Samuel Enlow, Sr., Hettie Enlow, Abby Enlow, Henry Enlow, Andrew Enlow, David Kellems, George Cox.

#291 - Suboena:  State vs. Clay Davidson - 30 August 1887 - Jane Enlow, Sam'l Enlow, Sr., Hettie Enlow, Abby Enlow, Andrew Enlow, David Kellems, George Cox - to appear as witnesses for state at Nov. term, 1887.

Docket #240 - November 1886

State of Indiana vs. Clay Davidson -- W.A. Land, pros. att.

Jacob L. Esary testified that on 10 September 1886 Clay Davidson threatened Francis M. Enlow with a pistol.  Sworn on 13 September 1886.

Witness for state:  Francis M. Enlow, Julia Enlow, Eliza J. Stroud and Mary E. Stroud.

30 August 1886 -- The above four witnesses to appear at November 1886 term at Cannelton

Docket #242 - November 1886

State of Indiana vs. David M. Kellems, Sameuel C. Davidson, John J. Davidson.
Witnesses for state:  Francis Siegler, John Sieglar, Sam Enlow, Sr., George Siegler, Francis M. Enlow.  Julina Enlow, Jacob L. Esary, Eliza J. Stroud, Mary E. Stroud, Bartlett Ziegler, Lewis Kellems, Rebecca E. Kellems, Mary V. Esary, James M. Engle, Stephen E. Cox.

Francis M. Enlow testifies that D. Kellems, S. Davidson and J. Davidson on 10 September 1886 assualted Francis M. Enlow.

Julina Enlow, w/o Francis M. Enlow, on 7 February 1887 writes that she cannot attend court because of Rheumatism and sickness of 8-month-old baby.

5 May 1887 -- John J. Davidson released, Samuel C. Davidson and David M. Kellems continued.

Docket #303 - July term 1887 - State vs. Clay Davidson, Rape.

Witnesses for state:  Anna Flanagan & mother, John Flanagan, Joseph Kelly, Robert Conaly, Mrs. Martha Underhill, Roddy riley, Otto Faulkenbourgh.  To appear at November term 1887.

The Grand Jury charges that Clay Davidson on 27 May 1887 (sic) did assault and carnally know Anna Flanagan against her will.

9 November 1887 -- Clay Davidson guilty and sentenced to 21 years in penitentiary.

State of Indiana vs. Clay Davis (sic) Jane Enlow, Abby Enlow and Andrew Enlow - Kidnapping