Helen Dinsmore Huntington, daughter of Robert, Jr., and Helen Dinsmore Huntington, on 30 April 1914 married Vincent Astor. He had been born in November 1891, the son of John Jacob Astor IV and Ava Lowle Astor. A second child, Alice, was born around 1900 (died July 1959). The parents were divorced in November 1909; Ava died in 1958 as the widow of Lord Thomas Lister, Baron Ribblesdale.

John Jacob IV married Madeleine Force (b. 1894) in 1911 and traveled to Europe. In her fourth month of pregnancy they decided to return to New York and were on the Titanic on 15 April 1912. She was saved in the last lifeboat of women and children to leave the ship; he drowned with it. Their son, John Jacob VI, was born in September 1912.

Vincent Astor's wedding had been postponed for at least four months because of his illness; he was in a wheelchair for the ceremony. The illness happened to be mumps, the after-effect being that he was left sterile -- hence, no children. Vincent and Helen were divorced in 1940; no further information on her is here known. Vincent married again in early 1940s: Mary/"Minnie" ? They divorced in early 1953. In October 1953 he married widow Brooke Marshall. He died 3 February 1959.