St. John's Evangelical & Reformed Church

St. John's United Church of Christ began under the name of St. John's Evangelical Church in 1851 - 1854 when German immigrants without a minister brought about the organization of the church. The constitution was signed by thirty-eight members on December 17, 1854.

A frame house of worship was erected on the present church site in 1855. The Church was first served by ministers who traveled from town to town. Rev. F. E. Eppling was called in 1854.

The present brick church was built in 1890. The old church was demolished and the new one dedicated December 12th. The congregation met in the German Methodist building during the construction.

The small bell now in the church tower was the original bell and two other bells were later added.

The German language was used in all services until 1914 and all records were written in German until 1900.

A reed organ, of the foot pumper type, was used until 1912. A one-manual pipe organ was used until 1934 when the present pipe organ was installed. The organ was given in memory of Mrs. A. A. Lehman and daughter by Mr. Lehman. Miss Pearle Hafele served as organist and choir director for 50 years, from October 1915 to October 1965.

The Sunday School addition was added in 1953. The sanctuary was remodeled in 1974. The kitchen has been enlarged and remodeled and a second restroom was added. The basement floor and Sunday School rooms have been covered with vinyl.

Through a merger in 1934 the church became the Evangelical and Reformed Church. It became a part of the Indiana-Kentucky conference of the United Church of Christ in 1957.

The Womens Guild was in the beginning called St. John's Serving Circle. The members served and raised the money for building the parsonage. It has been very active since in the upkeep of the building, and in the spiritual life of the church.