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The hiking schedule has been updated for the 2014 season. Click here for currently scheduled hikes.

To receive a 3 day forecast from the Cannelton Locks and Dam, call (812) 547-2491.


Activities in Perry County Indiana

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Perry County is a boater's paradise. It is a gateway to two lakes or pools on the Ohio River which gives boaters thousands of acres of water on which to boat, ski, canoe, fish, and swim, plus there are plenty of places to pull up a boat for a picnic or camping. One of the great things about boating the Ohio, is you'll never find it crowded.

There are boat ramps both above and below the Cannelton locks and dam, and the river above the Cannelton dam stretches for 114 miles to the next dam at Louisville. There is boat sales and service, a launch ramp, boating supplies and camping just above the dam at Rocky Point, where Deer Creek enters the Ohio, at Perry Marine 812-548-0611. Dozens of bass tournaments use Rocky Point as their starting point each year. Grocieries and supplies are available at Rocky Point C-Store 812-547-7753.

You can put in a boat at one of the ramps at Troy, Tell City, Cannelton, Rocky Point, Rome and Magnet or at the U.S. Forest Service's Mano Point ramp near Derby and enjoy water sports in the area, or you can plan a trip upstream to places like Magnet, Alton, Leavenworth or even go all the way to Louisville.

You also can plan a trip downstream and pull up your boat and camp at places like Anderson Island (mile marker 736), or French Island (mile marker 767) where there is a marina and boat services during warm weather months.

Upstream there is a marina and boat service at Leavenworth (mile marker 664). While gasoline is not available, there is a dock at Derby (mile marker 692), and a restaurant (Derby's Tavern) located about 100 yards from the dock.
At Magnet, you can dock your boat and walk up the hill to Betty Ray's Landing for food and refreshment.
When the new dams were built on the Ohio in the mid 60's, the level of the river was raised and formed embayments or flooded creeks that entered the river. Creeks like Deer, Millstone, Poison and Oil Creek have many miles of navigable water, beautiful scenery and excellent fishing.

Ohio River Information

The Ohio River may be Indiana's most underused natural resource, offering the outdoorsman and the boater unbelievable opportunity to enjoy and explore. Along it's banks lay almost all sights worth seeing, from modern industrial progress to stretches of banks preserved as they were before any men set eyes upon them. The river was the interstate of our forefathers. It was the pathway to the western frontier, New Orleans, and the Gulf of Mexico. Today, because of the high lift lock and dam system created by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for flood control and navigational purposes, the river is a series of lakes. During the summer months there is very little current and the river is maintained at a constant level. There are 19 locks and dams on the Ohio River and some will raise and lower your boat 25 feet or more from one pool to another. The river at Derby, IN (Perry County) is approximately 1/4 mile wide and over 50 feet deep in the channel.

Boating Gas Location in the Cannelton Pool
• Mile 646 Brandenburg, KY
• Mile 664 Leavenworth, IN
• Mile 719 Rocky Point,IN (812) 547-7753

U.S. Corps of Engineers

Safety Tips:
How deep is the river? If no river buoys are present, then the river will be deep bank to bank. If buoys are present you should always travel between the buoys or the general rule being, "red on right going up stream".

Always remember that river barges can be bigger than the Titanic. It takes them a long time to stop and they are slow to change directions. Do not cross within 1/2 mile in front of a barge, and do not travel directly behind a barge.



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Perry County is an angler's paradise. Not only is there good year round fishing, the local area offers a variety that very few places in the Midwest can equal. Anglers can fish every month of the year, and have an abundance of public available water when it comes to finding a place to try their luck.

The Ohio River is especially beautiful as it winds it's way southwest along Perry County. The construction of high lift locks and dams in the 1960's turned the river into a series of huge lakes with abundant fishing and boating opportunities. The county also is blessed with four beautiful lakes in the Hoosier National Forest.

The river pool above the Cannelton Locks and Dam, for example, is essentially a 110-mile long lake, stretching northeast to Louisville. It is a favorite among bass fishermen who use the section of the river for tournaments. Rocky Point Marina , just above Cannelton, has 30 large tournaments schedule this year, plus a number of smaller informal tourneys will be headquartered at the facility.
When the new locks and dams were constructed, the river level was raised, creating a series of embayments (flooded streams) off the river. These embayments provide excellent fishing, plus offer boating opportunities.

Some of Perry County's best fishing embayments are: Oil Creek, Poison Creek, Bear Creek and Deer Creek. Oil, Poison and Deer all can be accessed from the Ohio, and anglers can make their way a number of miles up the meandering streams for fishing in areas with excellent structure. Oil Creek, for example, still has a lot of standing timber.

Bear creek, near the small historic town of Rome, usually is not accessible from the river by boat due to siltation and brush in the creek; however, there is a boat ramp on the Bear Creek Bayou, on a gravel road just west of Rome. Sometimes it can be accessed by smaller boats when the river is above summer pool.

The Ohio and the embayments are full of surprises. Anglers can catch a wide variety of fish. You may catch a small bluegill or battle a powerful, huge catfish.

The embayments probably are best known for their crappie, bluegill, largemouth bass and catfish fishing. Early spring and late fall are generally the best times for larger crappie. After spawning and as the water in the embayments warms, the larger crappie tend to move to deeper water and that usually means the river. However, crappie can be caught year round in the creeks.

As crappie fishing wanes, bluegill fishing usually picks up. Bluegill action generally is best in the late spring and in the fall, but also can be caught anytime during the year. Catfish provide good summertime action, whether in the river, creeks or lakes. Many catfish are taken using rods and reels, and many are taken using trot lines. In fact some catfishermen come and spend a week and fill their freezer with filets to last the year.

Largemouth bass fishing is good year round. Tournaments offering a prize or money for the largest bass usually are won with largemouth in the five- to seven-pound range.

The former state record largemouth bass, and now the second largest ever caught in the Hoosier state, was taken from a Perry county farm pond. Caught by Warren Alexander, the lunker bass weighted 12 pounds, six ounces.

Many anglers think largemouth only can be caught from the embayments; however, the Ohio itself provides good bass fishing, but usually the bass tend to run a bit smaller than in the creeks.

Summer on the Ohio is the best time to catch tackle-busting striped bass below the dam at Cannelton. It isn't unusual for anglers to catch their limit of 10-15 pound fishing in two or three hours.

Stripers can be taken by casting into the swift water using about three ounces of weight and a lure, or by trolling in the same general area.

Winter is the best time to catch sauger (cousin of the walleye) in the Ohio. The water below the dam is one of the best sauger spots, but they can be caught almost anywhere in the river.

The Hoosier National Forest also has plenty of fishing opportunities. it has four good fishing lakes - Tipsaw , Celina , Indian and Saddle . All four are stocked with largemouth bass, crappie, bluegill, redear and catfish, and are rarely crowded. All four have boat ramps. No gasoline motors are permitted, but electric trolling motors can be used.

Tipsaw, Indian and Celina are all about 150 acres in size, while Saddle is about 50 acres. Tipsaw and Celina both have campgrounds and Tipsaw has a beach. A 12-mile hiking trail meanders between and around the shoreline of Indian and Celina.

The Hoosier National Forest also is dotted with small wildlife ponds and, if you can obtain directions to find them, some have good fishing.

Rainbow Paylake , just west of Derby on Highway 70, is a unique pay lake that is stocked with rainbow trout, hybrid stripers, walleye, largemouth and smallmouth bass, redear, bluegill and catfish. It's a fun place for everyone, but is especially good place for youngsters to catch fish.

Area tackle and bait shops are always happy to offer advice to visitors about where to fish, what currently is the best fishing, and what tackle is needed and any other assistance wanted.

Some area bait and tackle shops are

Big Tales Fishing Tackle
1002 Main St
Tell City, IN 47586

E & E Guns & Sporting Goods
10th St. & Hwy 37
Tell City, IN 47586

Come visit Perry County. It's a great place to fish, boat or just have fun.

Ohio River Boat Ramps
• At Hargis Hafele Riverside Park, Taylor St. & 1st St.

Tell City
• Seventh & Washington

• Harrison & Water St.

Mano Point
• Just north of Derby on Indiana 66

Webb Branch
• northwest of Dexter, access to Ohio River via Oil Creek
• Magnet Boat Ramp, CR 36, Magnet, IN

Rocky Point
• (private, pay) on Indiana 66, north of Cannelton

Poison Creek
• Indiana 66 between Rome and Derby, Mile Marker 99

• New Boat Ramp, Handicap Ramp, Parking Lot, on Indiana 66

Stephensport, KY
• in town, off Kentucky 144

Hawesville, KY
• downtown on the river

Cloversport, KY
• on Tar Creek, along Kentucky 105

  • Huntingdeer
  • Pond
  • Turkey

Hunting in Perry County
Perry County offers visitors several great venues for hunting. Whether it is deer in the Fall, ducks in the Winter, or turkeys in the Spring, you are sure to find excitement. With more acres of the Hoosier National Forrest than any other county in the state,

Perry County has several hunting sites to choose from. The Ohio River, and many public lakes, offer some great waterfowl spots as well.

If you are in need of some local hunting knowledge, be sure to visit one of the many local hunting/fishing stores in the county.

They will be happy to give you information on local conditions. They will also be able to help fill your supply needs whether it be licenses or ammunition. Also, don't forget to check with the DNR for rules, regulations, and season dates.

Whether you enjoy trophy buck hunting, or chasing that spring time gobbler, Perry County has a spot for you.


The Hoosier National Forest trail system. offers approximately 266 miles of trails for hiking, biking, or horse riding. The following trail names are linked to information and maps providing a brief description and general location of trail systems found in the Hoosier National Forest.

For a printable PDF of the Hoosier National Trails, click here.

German Ridge Trail

Hemlock Cliffs

Two Lakes Trail

Mogan Ridge East

Mogan Ridge West

Oriole Trail East

Oriole Trail West

Saddle Lake Trail

Tipsaw Trail

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Camping & RV Sites

Rocky Point Camping
Junction SR 66 & SR 166
7398 East State Road 66
Cannelton, Indiana 47520
Phone: 812-548-0611
Private Campground

Hoosier National Forest
248 15th Street
Tell City, Indiana 47586
Phone: 812-547-7051
For camping reservations call Reserve USA:
Toll Free: 877-444-6777
TDD: 877-833-6777
INTL: 518-885-3639

Glen Wood Hills Campground
10747 Tide Road
Derby, Indiana 47525
Contact: Mark and Shelley Morris
Phone: 812-836-2769
Groups only. 1 mile south of Derby on SR 66. Follow signs on gravel road.

Cedar Valley Park
HC 60, Box 329B
Derby, Indiana 47525
Phone: 812-836-2311
Nightly rates, includes water & electric.
On Hwy 70 toward Derby, 3 miles off Hwy 37.

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The Hoosier National Forest trail system. offers approximately 176 miles of trails for mountain biking. 

Click here for a printable pdf on Mountain Biking in the Hoosier National Forest.


This link will take the viewer to a chart and linked map providing a brief description and general location of mountain bike trail systems in the Hoosier National Forest. Special thanks to Richard Ries of the Madison Area Bicycle Club for compiling this summary of the trails and what skill level is required for each.

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Bicycling in Perry County, Indiana

The rolling hills, beautiful vistas and scenic country roads of Perry County Indiana  are a bicyclist's dream come true. The changing seasons make each trip a new adventure. There are a number of organized rides as well as meticulously mapped route for all experience levels.

These links provide access to organized rides:

Falling Leaves Blue Heron Fall Bicycle Tour

River Valley Bicycle Club

For self guided tours, view the following :

Bicycling map of Perry County can be viewed or downloaded here. Area bicyling route maps can be viewed below by clicking on thumbnails.

  • Bike Route A
    Start at Cannelton *SR 66 to Tell City

Rt. Washington St.

Rt. Pestalozzi St.

Lt. 19th St.

*Lt SR 37

Rt. CR 11

Lt. CR 72 (Troy)

Rt. SR 545 (New Boston)

Rt. CR 1300 E (Huffman)

St. on CR 30 (Bristow)

Lt. SR 145

Lt. CR 154/152/29 (St. Meinrad)

Rt. SR 545

    Rt. SR 62 (St. Croix)

Rt. CR 037

    Lt. CR 40 (Branchville)

    Rt. SR 66 (Mt. Pleasant, Derby, Rome, Rocky Point and *Cannelton)

    Option - Magnet

    Lt. CR36 (Magnet)

Rt. CR 27 (Dexter)

St. SR 66 (Derby)

    Option - Derby

    Rt. SR 70

Lt. CR 21

Rt. CR 10

Lt. CR 5

    Rt. SR 66 (Cannelton)

    *Congested Area,


Perry County Bicycle Route - A
Difficulty: Hilly, Distance: 85 miles, Options: Magnet & Derby

  • Bike Route B

    Start at Cannelton
    *SR 66 to Tell City
    Rt. Washington St.
    Rt. Pestalozzi St.
    Lt. 19th St.
    Rt. Mozart St. (Jr. Hi.)
    St. SR 237 (Golf Course)
    Rt. CR 8
    Lt. CR 17
    Lt. CR 88 (Deer Creek Church)
    *Cross SR 37
    on CR 037 (Airport)
    Rt. CR 86
    Rt. SR 145 (16A Option)
    See 16A Option
    SR 145 (126 Option)
    See Option 126
    SR 145 (Option 32)
    See Option 32
    SR 145 (Bristow-Possum Jct.)
    Rt. SR 62 (St. Croix)
    Rt. CR 037 to SR 70
    Rt. SR 70
    *Cross SR37
    on CR 037 (Gatchel)
    Lt. CR 5
    *Cross SR 37
    Rt. SR 66 (Cannelton)

    Option - 16A
    Rt. CR 16A
    Lt. CR 18
    Rt. CR 037 (SR 70)
    See SR 70 to Cannelton
    Option 126
    Rt. CR 126/128/132
    Rt. CR 037 to SR 70
    See SR 70 to Cannelton
    Option 32
    Rt. CR 32/37/168/165/170
    Cross SR 37 at Michael's
    On CR 037 to SR 70
    See SR 70 to Cannelton
    *Congested Area

Perry County Bicycle Route - B
Difficulty: Hilly, Distance: 65 miles, Options: Magnet & Derby
  • Bike Route C
    Start at Tell City
    *SR 66 at Mozart St. (Jr. Hi.)
    *Lt. SR 237 (Golf Course)
    Rt. CR 8
    Lt. CR 17
    Lt. CR 88
    *Cross SR 37
    On CR 037 (Airport)
    Rt. CR 86
    Rt. SR 145 (St. Marks)
    Lt. CR 12
    Lt. CR 11
    *Lt. SR 37
    Rt. Mozart St. (SR 66)
    *Congested Area
Perry County Bicycle Route - C
Difficulty: Hilly, Distance: 20 miles
  • Bike Route D
    Start at Perry Central Sch.
    Rt. CR 037
    Rt. CR 132
    *Cross SR 37
    St. CR 128/126
    Lt. SR 145
    Rt. CR 15
    Rt. CR 99/91
    Rt. CR 13
    Lt. CR 1075
    Rt. SR 545 (New Boston)
    Rt. CR 1300 E (Hoffman)
    St. CR 30 (Bristow)
    Rt. SR 145
    Lt. CR 32/37/165/170
    *Cross SR 37
    on CR 037 to Perry Central
    *Congested Area
Perry County Bicycle Route - D
Difficulty: Hilly, Distance: 35 miles
  • Bike Route E
    Start at Perry Central School
    Rt. CR 037
    Rt. CR 132
    *Cross SR 37
    St. CR 128/126
    Rt. SR 145 (Bristow)
    Lt. Cr 154/152/29 (St. Meinrad)
    Rt. Sr 545
    Rt SR 62 (St. Croix)
    Rt. CR 037 to Perry Central
    *Congested Area
Perry County Bicycle Route - E
Difficulty: Hilly, Distance: 40 miles
  • Bike Route F
    Start at Cannelton
    *SR 66 (Rocky Point, Rome, Derby)
    Lt. SR 70
    Lt. CR 21
    Rt. CR 10
    Lt. CR 5
    *RT SR 66 (Cannelton)
    *Congested Area
Perry County Bicycle Route - F
Difficulty: Hilly, Distance: 45 miles
  • Bike Route G

    Start at Cannelton
    *SR 66 to Rocky Point
    Rt. SR 166 (Ohio River)
    Return SR 166 (Rocky Point)
    *Lt. SR 66W (Cannelton)

Perry County Bicycle Route - G
Difficulty: Hilly, Distance: 20 miles
  • Bike Route H
    Start at Perry Central School
    Rt. CR 037
    Lt. CR 140 (Leopold)
    St. on CR 34 (Mt. Pleasant)
    Lt. SR 66 (Oriole)
    Lt. CR 40 (Branchville)
    Lt CR 037 to Perry Central
Perry County Bicycle Route - H
Difficulty: Hilly, Distance: 20 miles



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Tell City Twin Cinemas
SR 66 (Lincoln Park Shopping Center)
Tell City, IN 47586
• Movies shown evenings Monday thru Sunday, Matinees Saturday and Sunday
• Video Arcade in Lobby

Tell City Bowling Center
322 SR 66 E (2 blocks south of McDonalds)
Tell City, IN 47586
• Summer Hours (End of April to End of August)
◦ 6:30 pm to 10 pm - Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday
◦ Youth Day - 1 pm to 10 pm - Wednesday
◦ Closed Sunday and Monday
• Winter Hours (End of August to end of April)
◦ 2 pm to 10 pm - Monday thru Friday
◦ 10 am to 1 am - Saturday
◦ 12 noon to 10 pm Sunday
◦ Family night (Twice a month on Sundays during winter) 5 pm - 10 pm
• Game room, grill with short order foods, complete line of bowling balls and accessories for sale.

Perry County Courthouse Museum
Corner of Seventh and Taylor Streets
P.O. Box 36
Cannelton, IN 47520
Sunday, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. and at other times by appointment, by calling the above number or 547-5568. Bus tours are encouraged.
• Annual Quilt Show
• Dogwood Tour
• Annual Antique Doll Show
• Fall Festival
• Wine Tasting Fundraisers
• Individual and Group Tours
• School Tours
• Meeting Space for Civic and Social Organizations
• Promotion of Local Art Talent

Dogwood Festival

Hoosier Heritage Fall Tour

Schweizer Fest

Perry County Summer Fest
Sponsored by the Tell City Moose Lodge.  This is a summer fest held in late June with rides, games, food and fireworks. A great place to celebrate the Independence Day.

St. Augustine Church Picnic
Always the last Sunday in July - Leopold, IN
Contact for more info: Becky Cronin, 812-843-4611 or email [email protected]
Tours of the church and see the statue of Our Lady of Consolation which is one of the 3 in the world. Chicken Dinners 10 to 4. Hand quilted quilts to buy or win. Silent auction. Country store. Bingo. Games of Chance

Daz Holz Fest
Held at the National Guard Armory. Furniture Auction.

Bluegrass Festival
July in Derby. Contact Dennis Howell 812-836-2311 for more information, [email protected]

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